Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Patient

Well, we survived Macy having tubes put in her ears 2 weeks ago. It was a very quick procedure, but the crying as she was coming out of the anesthesia is what nearly had us in tears. She calmed down once we got home and went to sleep for a few hours. She woke up as though nothing had happened. Let's hope this is the end of ear infections! Our sweet work family sent her a teddy bear with balloons signed "Your Eye Care Nannies".
Now she is back to her job of seeing what she can get into.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Days

One Saturday we decided to venture out to the Hattiesburg Zoo. It is a small zoo, which is good, because with the heat and humidity, we only lasted about 20 minutes. One of the coolest things was getting close to some peacocks that wander the grounds. That is, until we accidentally stood between a mama peacock & her baby.
I think Macy's favorite part was cooling down with an ICEE.She still isn't a pro with the sippy cup, but we discovered she REALLY likes Coke. We were in Williamsville last Saturday which consists of an old general store that is actually owned by Peyton & Eli Manning's grandparents. I think they even bagged groceries there some back in the day. You can get anything from a new pair of Nikes or brand name clothes, to saddles, or even bacon sliced while you wait. Anyway, they have the old fashioned Coke machines where you can still get the bottled cokes. We wanted to introduce her to this little treat, not knowing it would lead to what might very well have been her first word (besides "Mama" and "Dada").

You can hear our surprised little gasps as we looked at each other thinking "Did she just say that?" She sure can kick those little legs when she wants something.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Adventures

Macy is always ready for a new adventure from the time she wakes up....

It may be shopping with Mama, where she gets aggitated sitting the "normal" way in the cart and must turn so that she can always see what is coming... Or maybe the adventure is a stroll around the neighborhood..

It may be going new places and trying new things. A little artist?

Or a musician? "This one goes out to all the babies!!"
She is a little less adventurous when it comes to food, which is why it surprised us when she LOVED salsa tonight at Mi Casita (don't was fairly mild, and she is half TEXAN).Whatever the adventure, we are so blessed to be sharing them all with her. Every now and then, something will happen out of the blue to make Macy giggle like crazy. We were out back the other night, and Charlie swatted at a mosquito. She started to cackle. Luckily, I had the camera on hand to capture the moment:

We can't wait to see what adventures we will share next!

Much love,

The Lukes