Tuesday, February 16, 2010

White Out

Friday we had over 6 inches of snow.  It would have been beautiful had Charlie not been in Atlanta for a conference, and had I not been sick with a stomach virus.  I did make sure that Macy got out to enjoy the snow.  Although she was glad to get out of the house, I don't think she was that impressed with the wet stuff.

Do you see those beautiful curls peeking out from under her hat?  Love it! 

And now for some random bathtime photos.  Her silly faces are the BEST!

Afternoons with Macy

One day while Charlie was hunting, Macy & I decided to get out and enjoy the day.  First, we went to feed the neighborhood ducks.  At first, Macy thought the bread was for her.
She was a little leery of the ducks, especially the one who took bread right out of her little hand!

She is such a beautiful baby.
And very, very curious!
Is that an airplane??
I love sitting by myself!

Next we went to the park.  She had a ball climbing around.

Sometimes when I am with her, I hear the chorus from that song "Theses are they days...the sweetest days we'll know...."

Christmas Part II (a little late)

Here are some more photos from Christmas.  I have gotten so far behind on this blog!
Stockings at Mema's house - Christmas Eve!!
Just arriving from Mema's house to Grandmama & Grandpa's house on Christmas morning.  Looking at her goodies from Santa Claus!

Our family at Glaze Christmas
Arden, Layne, Avery & Macy continuing the tradition of singing Christmas carols at Mema's house.
Charlie's gift from Macy, which has been used on a daily basis.  Probably his favorite gift ever!  haha.
Macy petting the horses.
Macy missed the memo about the boots.
Macy playing with Sagen, Avery, & Jett at the Glaze Christmas.
How to keep children entertained for hours - iPhone Dora movie.