Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Afternoons with Macy

One day while Charlie was hunting, Macy & I decided to get out and enjoy the day.  First, we went to feed the neighborhood ducks.  At first, Macy thought the bread was for her.
She was a little leery of the ducks, especially the one who took bread right out of her little hand!

She is such a beautiful baby.
And very, very curious!
Is that an airplane??
I love sitting by myself!

Next we went to the park.  She had a ball climbing around.

Sometimes when I am with her, I hear the chorus from that song "Theses are they days...the sweetest days we'll know...."

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  1. Joy...this is just too sweet. I love seeing it all from your perspective, as her mama. How awesome that you have this time with her. I miss squeezing this girl!! :)