Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Christmas Part II (a little late)

Here are some more photos from Christmas.  I have gotten so far behind on this blog!
Stockings at Mema's house - Christmas Eve!!
Just arriving from Mema's house to Grandmama & Grandpa's house on Christmas morning.  Looking at her goodies from Santa Claus!

Our family at Glaze Christmas
Arden, Layne, Avery & Macy continuing the tradition of singing Christmas carols at Mema's house.
Charlie's gift from Macy, which has been used on a daily basis.  Probably his favorite gift ever!  haha.
Macy petting the horses.
Macy missed the memo about the boots.
Macy playing with Sagen, Avery, & Jett at the Glaze Christmas.
How to keep children entertained for hours - iPhone Dora movie.

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  1. love the photos! Can't wait to see yall at Easter! Sagen misses Macy and watching Dora via iphone! haha