Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holidays Part 1

Macy & I flew to Texas on December 22nd because, let's face it, a 12-hour drive with a one-year old is not a pleasant idea.  Charlie had to work on the 23rd, and planned to drive out after work that day.  He got as far as Dallas when he stopped to stay the night.  He woke up on Christmas Eve to head to Stanton, which should only have taken 5 hours at the most.  Instead, he was caught in his first blizzard.  I-20 was shut down with him on it!  No one had any idea just how long it would be closed, and he said he couldn't even see the road.  The snow was blowing in sideways and things seemed to be getting worse.  After about 4 hours of sitting, they finally began to creep along.  He saw cars and trucks in the ditches everywhere.  He finally made it to Mema's at 7:30 Christmas Eve.  He said he has never been so glad to get somewhere in his life.  Here are some of his photos he took while killing time.

And here are a few photos from the weekend before we left for Texas.