Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 Months Old

Macy had her 9 month check-up this morning. She is 29.25 inches long, and 22 lb, 9 oz. The nurse asked if daddy was really tall, because Macy is so "tall" for her age. :) She is crawling everywhere, pulls to standing, points all the time, and if you ask where mama or dada are, she will look for the correct person. So much fun. Now if only we could get her sleeping through the night.

Her right ear still had a little effusion. She saw an ENT specialist Monday. He recommended tubes, but said there were a few things we could try first. We go back in 3 weeks.
Macy is quite the little flirt. She loves guys and will smile really big, then bury her head into whoever is holding her. She also loves to watch little kids. She was laughing out loud at a few in the waiting room this morning (while mama wanted to laugh out loud at some of the names of the children)! Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We had such a great time going home to Texas this past weekend. Macy loves her cousins! We got to see Avery for a little while, since Julie & Gary were "stuck" in Italy. Arden loves to play little mama, and I think Layne likes to have someone else be the "baby" that he can boss a little. Macy loved to laugh at Layne as she watched whatever he might be doing. Well, usually...
Macy was babbling what sounded like "Du-du" and Arden looks up at me and says "Macy just said 'what tha'"! It was too funny! I took Arden with me to visit with Amanda's family, as Belinda has a little one Arden's age. Her name is Mahalia. We were sitting around the table and Arden was talking to her. She said "Hey. Mama-mia. Mama-mia." If that wasn't funny enough, Mahalia later was trying to get Arden's attention and said "Garden! Garden!"

It was so fun to look back & see all the kiddos. This is how we roll...

Sisters (minus the poor lil' ol' sister stuck in Italy):

Stealing pens from cowboys:

Macy loved getting spoiled by Grandmama & Grandpa. She was really a "Grandpa's Girl" this weekend.
We had originally planned on attending the Wallace reunion, but it didn't work out. So we went by the Glaze reunion for a bit.

Macy did great on the flight. Everyone goes crazy over her red hair & blue eyes. Daddy sure was glad to see us step off that plane! Now it is just a crazy week of watching her crawl, pull to standing, babbling, playing peek-a-boo, etc. She is such a sweetheart!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Music to My Ears

Macy has been babbling "Da Da" for over a month now, along with some other syllables here & there. Today, I finally got what I have been waiting for: Macy said "Ma-ma"!!! We were in the store, and she was sitting in the cart. I was holding a "conversation" with her as I usually do (I think it is really just an excuse to finally talk out loud to myself without it seeming so strange), and suddenly she said the magic word! Everyone within a few aisles of us probably knew what happened too, as I was so excited. She said it a few more times with a smile (of course, by now it was more of just a "ma-ma-maaaa-ma-ma" but I didn't care). I called Charlie to share the news & he gave me a hard time saying he didn't believe it. However, he hadn't been home ten minutes this evening when she said "Ma-ma" again. Ahhhhhhh....I love it!!

Oh, and here's another picture. Can't resist. She's focused on the t.v.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

The title of this blog has double meaning. While we celebrated our country's independence this past weekend, we also saw our little girl gaining more independence by CRAWLING for the first time! Are we ready? I guess we have no choice! As of today, Macy will crawl about 4 or 5 "knees" forward. She is so fun to watch, and will probably be trying to keep up with her cousins when we go home to Texas next week! (Thanks for the little dress Johneen!)On July 4th we celebrated with our good friends Johneen & John. Johneen made an awesome cake & star-shaped cookies. Charlie grilled ribs & smoked a Boston butt in the Green Egg. Mmmm... Once it was dark & Macy was in bed sleeping, we sat on the back porch & watched the fireworks they put on each year in the field by our subdivision. Such a great night. Although Charlie & I often feel disappointment over the direction this country seems to be heading since the last election, this was a night to remember how blessed we are and to feel pride in our country's past. We still have hope for the future! May God Bless America!!